A Purpose-Driven Life

Three Diamond Theia Rings sitting atop a river stone.

My mission with M. Hisae is this: to walk the path of seeking beauty and ignite a deep and magnetic reverence for self through jewelry. This is narumi (origin: Japanese): achieving beauty, achieving truth, or the roaring of the sea. Life is beauty, and you are the sea.

Why jewelry? It’s been an ever-present question for almost a decade now. For most of those years, I couldn’t fully answer it. Not until very recently did I start to piece together the deeper connections beyond the bench being my refuge and creative outlet. Sitting in these epiphanies, small and large, is extremely freeing. It floods me with a sense of gratitude, for the journey, but mostly for the realization that the tools to finding the answers were so, so simple all along. Simple in form but complex when we must traverse the many mountains of assumptions that limit and constrict us.

Many of you have expressed your appreciation for the moments when I spoke on topics beyond jewelry. And because we are kindred spirits, your appreciation is a very valuable invitation to do more of that. Also, I couldn’t only ever talk about jewelry. It will be a common thread throughout, because it’s been one of my greatest teachers, but I’m interested in the whole of us, not just the jewelry-loving side.

I could have created anything with these hands, but I chose jewelry. Jewelry chose me. It's infusing my life with lessons in self-adoration, self-worth, sentimentality, and the power of adornment. In so many ways, it’s gifted me a sense of purpose.

Where to start with purpose…it’s a challenging and admirable thing to pursue a purpose-driven life. In current times especially, it takes courage to try to monetize passions, wait patiently for meaning to arise within a current career, or to switch careers, trusting that the journey will be fulfilling enough whether or not the end result is as expected. It will happen with divine timing, and it cannot be rushed, but I do think every person on this planet was born with unique messages and unique gifts that are waiting to be embraced and shared. There’s a reason you’re here, and there’s a lot of comfort in that.

Yet, we focus so much on external structure to guide us toward the feeling of fulfillment. What I mean by that is - it’s not about the job. Your career does not give you purpose, you give you purpose. The career can be a powerful tool, but it is not the only one. And! I think purpose is fluid. I like to see the goal as having a sense of purpose in every moment versus having one overarching purpose that we feel like we may never find.

For me, purpose is synonymous with a passion for life that embraces circumstance. Purpose is presence. Purpose also requires a rich sense of self-worth. To know that your message and your work matters, you must believe that you matter.

More to come.
x Michelle