Desire 101

Black and white model shot for M.Hisae Jewelry
What if we told you there was a power in you that could only be realized through jewelry?

We mean it. We think and talk a lot about desire and deserving in our team meetings. You do a good thing, you deserve a reward. What if the reverse was actually true? That seeking "rewards," — i.e. the pleasures you naturally gravitate toward —  were the exact keys you needed to unlock a higher level of success, abundance, and goodness? We think we need to prove ourselves, when in fact, the proof might be those plain-as-day urges we've squashed down for years.

For us, that key was jewelry. It opened the flood gates to an inner knowing, a worthiness, a luxurious self-discovery. And the story is still unfolding...

Desire vs. Deserving

I used to think I was being high maintenance when I indulged in things that weren't rooted in practicality. Which was often, but in retrospect, not nearly enough. My biggest secret, that I'm now very open about, is that I was never that into jewelry. Not until a couple years ago did I start to understand why the universe paired me with this profession. I could have created anything with these hands, but I chose jewelry. Jewelry chose me. It's infusing my life with big lessons in self-adoration, self-worth, sentimentality, and the power of adornment.

This is my daily practice - flip the script and see what happens. In every decision, we can ask ourselves, "What would bring me more joy?" Choose joy. Choose the thing you really want, not what you're supposed to want. Observe how you picked you in that moment, not what you were taught to pick. Make it a habit. All of the sudden your skin is glowing, smiles overfloweth, and everyone around you wants to know your secret. You chose you, you valued you, you trusted you. Always choose what supports the brightest version of you. M. Hisae's mission is to spread confidence and a reverence for self through jewelry.

M. Hisae fuzzy criss cross slippers on a fuzzy rug

Dedicated To A Life Of Feel-Good Moments

Choosing me means adventurous travel, a well-designed & peaceful home, great food, and great jewelry. (And dogs.) Amongst other things. Setting travel aside for a moment, the house just got a mini makeover, I've been eating so well (hello garden!), and I've designed a spiritual practice of sorts to, every morning, put together a jewelry ensemble that suits my mood and the day ahead.

Working solo in my studio, day after day, means every time I walk past a mirror is an opportunity for a feel-good moment. And when I catch that glimmer of gold in the mirror...I feel gorgeous, like a queen! Gold and gemstones, these incredibly earthly creations, have no bad angles. They're innately luxurious, and they bring out this distinct, powerful confidence in you. The kind that's hard to put your finger on, but you feel it. It's like silent, solo therapy: you and the mirror. Now imagine infusing every day with that kind of positivity, not just about life, but about YOU. Your beauty, your style, your essence. Little moments add up.