Jewelry IS Desire

Shown stacked: Enzo Band, Brown Argyle Diamond Hikaru Ring, Kuli Ring

Your joy is not trivial. It is life-sustaining, as is desire. In a state of joy, desire flows easily. I will also say that when I’ve been in states opposite of joy, tapping into my desire is what helped bring me back into my body, out of a bouncy house of anxieties.

Best case scenario, what is it that I want? If all the forces in the universe were conspiring to help me, what would they bring? Am I really as far away from getting that as I think I am? Even crazier, can I dream bigger? If you’re like me, those questions carry a hell of a lot of baggage. Why are you so unworthy of getting exactly what you want, or more? Did someone plant that seed? Did the TV or the flat screen in front of you full of pictures and words tell you that? And did you propagate that seed before investigating the claim? …Is it true and is it yours?

You are PERFECT as you are. You do not need to be different, look different, or absolve yourself of all your sins in order to attract the things you want into your life. The key is remembering that. As a result of me doing a lot of reading/listening/writing/action-ing around why in the world I became a jeweler in the first place (which was lost on me for a long, long time), we’re about to have a full circle moment right now…

Jewelry is the medicine I needed all along, I just didn’t know it. Jewelry IS a tangible representation of desire. We do not need jewelry, but we want it. Sometimes, we really want it. Sure, it has practical applications in terms of marking a union or graduation or award, and sure, jewelry molds perceptions of how others see you (think marriage or social status). Presently, I’m not so interested in how your jewelry impacts how others see you. That will be a natural bi-product that you can choose to revel in or not.

I’m extremely interested in how jewelry can impact you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and be a catalyst for healing. I’m interested in how jewelry and beauty can heighten the love, appreciation, and reverence you have for yourself. I don’t wear jewelry for others, I wear it for me. And in my own experience, jewelry has the power to transform.

Jewelry IS desire. It is the representation and the reminder. I’m talking all categories of jewelry, but rings are particularly potent for me (and you because you’ve told me.) We use and look at our hands so much throughout the day. For how little space they take up, they do a lot.

I’m very thankful for my hands. I’ve filled them up with gorgeous specimens from various designers I admire. I could have easily saved a few dollars at my own bench with an M. Hisae piece, but I made a point of purchasing the work of others because I’m worth full price* and there’s a long list of designers whose very unique vision I want to support with cash money (because money is energy).

Each ring that catches the light just right, hundreds of times a day, is sending me currents of beauty, my love for art, the strength I showed during a particular time in life, Earth’s ridiculous creations, my unique expression of glamour, and the perfection in me.

Jewelry is my constant reminder.


*I know what it feels like to spend a grand with one easy click (you could almost do it by accident...). Jewelry is an investment, which is why I don’t take it lightly when you buy my work and make it your own. Thank you to all that have. <3