What Is Desire?

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Desire is defined as a longing or craving for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment. Giving into desire is expressing that you want something beyond just needing it. It is not in the act of obtaining anything, per se, but in the act of letting your imagination go wild without judgement.

Desire commands “this or something more,” which is a prayer Everest taught me that, in so few words, makes me feel powerful, full of hope, and not reliant on any one outcome determining my experience. It's wanting something while remembering that if it doesn't come, something greater is on the way.

Desire is believing that nothing stands in the way of you getting your dream house, dream partner, dream job, dream vacation, dream wardrobe, dream bank account, all of it - I invite you to imagine a reality where anything you desire is not only possible but probable and to stop being the referee of your wildest dreams. Let them play. You are worthy of them all.

In a state of joy, desire flows easily. In a state of joy, all your desires can and want to flow to you because they are not separate from you. Joy and desire are quite different but very synergistic energies. For me, joy feels like weightlessness, and desire feels like expansion. In the thousands of decisions we make each day, choosing joy means choosing what we want to do versus what we should do. We must own up to what it is that we truly want, not what we were taught to want or what others around us want.

What sounds FUN, what lights you up? No matter how small the decision, your joy is not trivial. Joy is present in EVERYTHING if we’re willing to see it. It is infectious and it will harmonize with the joy of others

In becoming more conscious of the joy that exists in small, easy decisions, it will come naturally when it’s time for you to make larger ones. Little currents add up over the course of a day and rewire your brain to remember that expansiveness, appreciation, admiration, and gratitude are natural states. The task is remembering.

It is so easy to slip into an extremely narrow view of reality. It’s a coping mechanism of sorts, because that which is in view we can control. But as scientist Carl Sagan revealed to us: "We are made of star stuff"…what if we remembered that we are infinite?

I’ll leave you with a quote by the sculptor Isamu Noguchi that also speaks to this concept beautifully:

“If you are caught in time, or the immediate present time, then your choice is very limited. You can only do certain things really correctly belonging to that time. But if you want to escape from that time constraint, then the whole world, you see...I mean not just the most industrialized world, but the whole world, is some place where you belong.” — Isamu Noguchi