Wisdom Is Beauty

Lyl with an orchid in her hair in a white silk dress.

So, that’s how I found my sense of purpose - in a state of joy, in allowing my desire to run free because I believed I was worthy of it. My sense of purpose, at least right now, lies in walking the path of seeking beauty and igniting a deep and magnetic reverence for self through jewelry.

If I believed that jewelry has the power to transform, then I had to own up to the possibility that that my jewelry has the power to transform. You remind me of that daily. I feel deep, deep gratitude for you and for that.

I want everyone to feel a deep love and reverence for themselves and the people and things they surround themselves with. I found it in the undefined parts of me - the places where I dredged through the most sadness and confusion and learned the biggest lessons. The places where I didn’t think my joy mattered and the times when I didn’t think I deserved more. These are the places where I gained the most wisdom because I had to work so much harder to retrain my brain to take a backseat to my soul.

Wisdom is beauty. You’ve been through some shit. Don’t diminish it. Why did life deliver to you such painful and sad experiences, and why do you think you made it out, stronger and wiser? That is not by accident. There is life happening to you and there is life happening for you. Your darkest moments are likely to be the ones that birthed the most wisdom, and your most joyous moments are likely the ones that brought out passions you never knew were in you.

Are you starting to see just how much you have to learn from you? Now imagine if your favorite people kept their great wisdom and great passions in hiding. I’m not about exposing you before you’re ready, but let me be the first of many to remind you: your story matters.

If you feel inspired to share any part of your journey, hit reply. I’m (Michelle) the only one who sees your emails, and your stories are safe with me. Plus, I’m a sucker for a heart-to-heart. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being here.

With Love,


Image by Dana Jensen