• 5-Stone Grey Diamond Theia Ring
  • 5-Stone Grey Diamond Theia Ring

    5-Stone Grey Diamond Theia Ring

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    Theia, of both myth and science. Myth: She was the Greek Titan Goddess of Light who embodied her namesake as a keeper of gold, silver, and gems for their scintillating beauty. She was the mother of the Eos (the dawn), Helios (the sun), and Selene (the moon). Science: The Giant-Impact Hypothesis suggests that a young Earth collided with the planetary body, Theia, causing a mixing of the two bodies to form what we now call the Moon. My hope is that these designs speak truth to and capture the considerable beauty of both possibilities, to the mystery and grandiosity of our Universe.

    • 5x 2mm round brilliant-cut Grey Diamonds
    • 6x 1mm round brilliant-cut Grey Diamonds flush-set across band
    • Total carat weight is approx. 0.18cts
    • Diamonds are reclaimed

    • Band is 1.6mm square
    • Made from 100% SCS certified recycled solid gold

    • Please allow 4-5 weeks to create and ship your piece.
    • This piece is final sale.