M. HISAE is the jewelry portfolio of artist Michelle Hisae Meronek, blending concepts of art, object, and earth into symbols of commitment, to self and others. Pieces are designed as a blending of disciplines and cultures that influence her the most - her Japanese and Eastern European heritages, travels throughout the American Southwest, Modernist and Bauhaus art, furniture, and architecture, feminine-masculine inquiries, and her continuous study of terra-spirituality.
The MH studio is constantly evolving to support sustainable practices; at its core is a made-to-order production style and low-waste studio practice. Castings are produced locally and from recycled metals. Nearly all diamonds used are reclaimed, sourced from a sixth-generation, family-owned dealer operating between Antwerp and NYC. A small selection is manufactured in the family's cutting facility in Surat, India, where working conditions are monitored consistently throughout the year. This rough is sourced from countries all over the world, but only from those that participate in the Kimberley Process. Colored gemstones and diamonds are meticulously inspected and always conflict-free. Whenever possible, origins are freely provided, in support of transparency and empowered buying.
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