Engagement ring featuring a 0.91ct cushion cut white diamond in a claw prong setting. Band features brilliant cuts and rosecuts with flush and bead settings. Wedding band was inspired by an Italian Fede Band and features pear, brilliant, and rosecut White Diamonds.


Hikaru-esque Engagement Ring with flush set baguettes and carre-cut side stones surround her 1.3ct white diamond center.


Designed as a set, using Molly’s grandmother’s diamonds. A 0.5ct transitional cut vintage diamond is set into a half bezel. For the contour band, 3 sizes of prong-set diamonds.


1ct Old European Cut White Diamond, belonging to the client's aunt, and Champagne Diamond in 14k Yellow Gold. A customized Masumi Ring.


Engagement Ring. A half-bezel, single square prong setting holds this antique 1.20ct Old Mine Cut treasure. Band is a soft square in 14k White Gold.


Wedding Band. An array of cuts and setting styles, this band features cushion, round brilliant, and round roseut white diamonds with bead and flush settings.


Customized Koemi Ring with 4x White Diamond Trillions in 18k Rose Gold.


Unique and colorful engagement ring with a 1.19ct emerald-cut Pink Montana Sapphire center. Opal, and three shapes of sapphire are flush set into the band.


A mirrored pair of 14k Yellow Gold asymmetrical arch earrings, featuring Oregon Sunstone oval cabachons, faceted pear Amethyst, and faceted round Tashmarine. All independent, moveable parts.


0.72ct Fancy Yellow Cushion-cut Diamond Solitaire, set into a closed bezel prong setting. Diamond sits atop a 14k White Gold tapered round band.

Emily J.

A Delaware River rock amulet. Solid cast white brass with flush set peridot, emerald, and ruby.

Emily J.

A pear cabachon Fire Opal, lovingly referred to as the dinosaur egg, set into a circular pendant with a champagne diamond accent.


A tapered band in Platinum, featuring a straight pattern of flush-set triangle, round, and oval full-cut recycled White Diamonds.

Emily R.

0.73ct Cushion cut Blue Sapphire and White Diamonds, all retrieved from a family wedding ring purchased some 40 years ago in Cork, Ireland. The ring was passed down and redesigned.


Created from the metals of two rings from relationships passed. Barcelona and the architecture of Antoni Gaudí inspired color and form.


A love as infinite as the ocean. A half carat pear-shaped White Diamond with stunning blue and pink opalescence. Set into a Platinum wave.

May Anne

Three rings from the past become one. A twist of yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver with two flush-set White Diamonds hidden inside the band.


Seven flush-set white diamonds in a custom 14k Yellow Gold contour band. The gold was repurposed for sentimental reasons, having belonged to the client's grandmother.


1ct rose cut Ruby centered in a 14k Yellow Gold Celtic infinity knot of hearts. Chain features 10 beads, representing 10 years of marriage.


A his and hers commitment set, both featuring Oregon Sunstone set in 14k Rose Gold. Hers is a custom Misao Ring, and his is a 5mm low-dome, half-round band with Sunstone rounds circling the band.


Custom-cut Augite, flush set into 14k Yellow Gold. This raw, volcanic mineral was collected by the client while exploring the Icelandic wilderness.


7mm wide band in Sterling Silver, inspired by the paintings of Agnes Martin. The hand-etched design features medium-weight lines throughout.