...that your jeweler wants the answers to.

A very handy inquiry to prepare you for our initial consultation.

1  What’s the occasion? Who is this for? Tell your story.

2  Are you working with a specific timeline?

3  What is your maximum budget?

4  Have you collected design reference photos? Please share.

5  What is your desired material? (14K, 18K, Platinum...)

6  If Gold, which tone - Yellow, Rose, or White Gold?

7  Will your piece include a colored gemstone or diamond?

8  Do you have a carat weight or stone size in mind?

9  Do you have a stone shape or cut in mind? Name any and all.

10  Describe your ideal stone combination (ex. solitaire vs. multiples).

11  Are we working with any family stones or existing jewelry?

12  Do you prefer certain stone setting styles over others?

13  What shape and fit do you see for the band?

14  Shiny or Matte finish?

15  Do you know the ring size?

16  How did you find me?