I am endlessly grateful for the opportunities I have been given to learn and grow as an artist, and I intend for learning and teaching to continue on as visible pillars of my business and studio practice.

I’ve been collecting - hidden notes, quiet clues, choreography, idiosyncrasies, once useless and later useful bits. All of the above and more helped me to develop technique, predictions, fluidity, a discerning eye. More significantly, I developed the ability to communicate across a divide. A divide that every jeweler encounters upon bringing someone from the outside, a client with whom to collaborate, into their work. A divide of material luxury, not of humanity or knowledge or of the luxury of creating and celebrating meaning with another.
This guide is a gift, a foundation from which larger conversations can flow.
~ Michelle

Key Elements

A final design can feature a multitude of or very few elements, depending on your aesthetic.

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Bands are tailored to optimize comfort and proportion to each individual’s body.

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Metals and Karats

Yellow, Rose, or White toned metals...?

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Setting Styles

Both structural and decorative, stone setting techniques can be as essential as the stone itself in communicating personality and aesthetic.

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The Four C's, Mohs Hardness, and more.

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Shape and Cut

Gemstones and diamonds can be central or peripheral elements in a design.

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Find a personalized token for a birthday or anniversary.

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Sizing + What's Next

Finding your ring size and how to get in touch.

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Essential Questions

..that your jeweler wants the answers to.
A very handy inquiry to prepare you for our initial consultation.

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