SIZINGring sizes

 A ring size is needed before production can begin. I would ideally size each of you myself, though often we are not in the same city or state. I first recommend that you visit a jewelry store to get sized in person. Ask to be sized to the nearest quarter size and make note of what style of band they used to size you. During this visit, you might also take a look at band shapes and widths, setting styles, metals, stone sizes, and varying stone carat weights. This is a great opportunity to collect your thoughts around what you do and do not like about certain design elements.

A second option is to order a ring sizer through my website (purchase here), which will allow you to size yourself at home and email me your results. These sizers don’t simulate the feel of an actual ring (ergonomics are key), but they suffice in terms of determining size.

In the event of a surprise (hello gifts and marriage proposals!) - do your best to locate a ring belonging to the recipient, ideally one worn on the chosen finger. Bring this ring to your local jeweler to be sized. The at home solution would be to measure the inside diameter of this ring in millimeters with digital calipers. Please be as accurate as possible, down to the decimal (ex. 14.2mm).

If none of the above options pan out, certain pieces can be resized after the fact. Safely, a half size up or down. We’ll assess the design and decide if that’s an option for you.



Email me! Introduce yourself via to begin chatting about possibilities for your special piece. Explore past commissions, and learn more about my custom process. On the following page, I’ve provided a list of questions that will help guide the design process. You can prepare ahead and email me your answers, or we can run through each question over the phone during our initial consultation.

I welcome a diverse array of projects and budgets. I encourage all clients to be as open and honest with me about the significance of this piece we’re creating together, and all communications between us are confidential and held to the highest regard.