M. Hisae is the jewelry portfolio of California-born, Northwest Connecticut-based artist Michelle Hisae Meronek.

Michelle's work transforms concepts of art, object, and Earth into symbols of commitment, to self and others. She sees jewelry as a powerful tool in honoring desire and utilizing beauty to raise one's level of being. Michelle's work is a constant exploration into the unspoken languages of a bi-cultural existence. Her inspiration is rooted in her Japanese and Eastern European heritages, travels throughout the American Southwest, modernist and folk arts, feminine-masculine inquiries, her continuous spiritual study, and above all, Mother Earth.

"My sense of purpose lies in walking the path of seeking beauty and igniting a deep and magnetic reverence for self through jewelry. I love creating these little worlds of joy and beauty to accompany you throughout your days. I know that these pieces carry stories and meaning and sentiment. I know that in any moment, you can look down at a ring on your finger and feel just enough to lift you up and change your state of mind for better. I don’t wear jewelry for others, I wear it for me. And in my own experience, jewelry has the power to transform. I’m interested in how jewelry can impact you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and be a catalyst for healing. I’m interested in how jewelry and beauty can heighten the love, appreciation, and reverence you have for yourself."

Photo by Dana Jensen