"For me, jewelry is a form of ancestral language."


M. Hisae is the jewelry portfolio of Northwest Connecticut-based artist Michelle Hisae Meronek. Her work transforms concepts of art, object, and Earth into symbols of commitment to self and others. She sees jewelry as a powerful tool in honoring desire and utilizing beauty to raise one's level of being. Michelle's work is a constant exploration into the unspoken languages of a bi-cultural existence, as expressed through the inherent wisdom in this ancient craft. Her inspiration is rooted in her Japanese and Eastern European heritages, travels throughout the American Southwest, Modernist and Bauhaus art, furniture, architecture, feminine-masculine inquiries, and her continuous spiritual study.


New York, NY. A cherished opportunity to work under Lisa Mayock (formerly Vena Cava, now Monogrambrought her to NYC. A smooth transition into set design & event production brought her to Paris and New York Fashion Weeks and Miami's Art Basel with the talented team at PSA Creative.


Seeking a creative outlet, she revisited jewelry by signing up for a lost wax casting class in Brooklyn. She could not deny its magnetic pull. A quick craigslist dive revealed a part-time assistant position with the fine jewelry designer Claire Kinder. Though only a droplet of experience in finishing, and certainly no experience in torch-wielding or stone setting, she got the job. Thus began a 4-year apprenticeship and mentorship. Michelle developed acute bench skills and blossomed into the role of studio and production manager. Claire now resides in Seattle, WA and is the owner of the independent fine jewelry store, Honed Boutique.


A lease was co-signed for with friend and fellow jeweler, Cindy of Ochre Objects, on an industrial studio space in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Many memories and many friends were made in this space.


M. Hisae launches its first collection. Strong emphasis is placed on sustainability and responsible material choices as the collection grows and finds its identity. And Michelle takes her first solo trip to the glittering New Mexico, where she falls deeply for its spirit and mystery.

2018 -

Woodbury, CT. Michelle and her fiancé, Gardner, seek to commune with nature full-time and move two hours north of NYC to the woods of Northwest Connecticut. Her new surroundings bring life to her work. She continues to study, practice, explore, and develop new avenues of thought in her work and the industry.

Photo by Noah Sahady