About the Artist

M. Hisae [hee-sigh] is the jewelry portfolio of California-born, Northwest Connecticut-based artist Michelle Nakata-Murray. She is of Japanese, Slovenian, and Polish descent.

M. Hisae is a portfolio of fine jewelry evoking inner landscapes, unspoken languages, nuance, balance, and the inherent wisdom in metal, gemstones, and ancient craft.

Michelle's practice centers around creating a visual and material form of ancestral language, tapping into both the known and lost parts of her lineage. Michelle's work is an exploration into a multi-cultural existence, her continuous spiritual study, feminine-masculine inquiries, and the abundant miracles in the cycles in nature. She sees jewelry as a powerful tool in honoring desire and utilizing beauty to heal wounds, recommit to oneself, and invite new visions of what's possible.

"I love creating these little worlds of beauty to accompany you throughout your days. I know that in any moment, you can look down at a ring on your finger and create a moment of pause, of calm. These little moments add up. I've come to see with my own eyes that jewelry has the power to transform."

Portrait by Dana Jensen