Love Notes

Why I do what I do. <3 I treasure my customers so much!!

Probably my favorite thing I’ve ever owned. It feels like art. A buttery solid smooth piece of art. I can’t stop looking/playing with it.

- KM


- MC

The eagle has landed!!! She is so beautiful, I can't even look directly at her yet! Thank you soooooooooo much for bringing my dream to life. This is the perfect ring.

- RI

Your art is one of a kind, and I’m soooo thankful to own a piece by you, especially one I’ve thought about my whole life! I actually saw the Crown Kaori and immediately felt and knew it was the one.

- VL

As always, so grateful for the work that you do and that we’re able to have some of it in our lives.

- BC

I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE my rings. They are so beautiful and I could not be happier. Thank you for your dedication to making them perfect.

- LS

Michelle, It is so beyond perfect.
Those COLORS! Can't wait to wear this Lila for years and years snuggled up with my Figure ring that I've worn pretty much daily since 2020.

- KM

Thank you for your sense of balance and composition and for the meticulous execution of the [Maya] ring I just received. I hadn’t expected the three-dimensionality of the design that gives the ring vitality and complexity. Such a small work of art. I love it.

- JN

I’m stunned. So, so beautiful. Feels so soft and wonderful and light and strong. It’s so comfortable and fits so perfectly. I’m ready to get married today and never take it will I wait until April? It’s beyond perfect.

- MS

When I found your work, it was 100% an energetic pull. Your craft, creativity, and consciousness is so evident in your work. I had never purchased diamonds for myself. I didn’t think twice when I ordered my Enzo Band that I now wear every single day.

- YC

I wanted to tell you how much I love the ring you designed for me. I still get a little thrill everytime I look at it on my finger. It was such an easy and organic process. I've also gotten so many compliments from friends and strangers. Thank you Michelle!

- ER

Received the earrings today. They are stunning, beyond measure! I will treasure them forever, Michelle.

- GM

We had spent a bit of time working with another designer, and Michelle's approach was a world apart. It's a treat to work with someone who clearly cares so deeply about every element of the pieces that she makes. And the best part-- when all was said and done, we had a ring that we absolutely adored. Colorful, geometric, personal, and elegant. If you get to work with Michelle in any capacity, consider yourself lucky.

- T & L

I just received my ring today and it is just beautiful. I have quite a few of your pieces, but perhaps this one is the most meaningful. My grandmother passed away this year, and she was the last of my living grandparents. I wanted to find a 3-stone ring that would help me carry them with me always. Thank you for giving me a symbol that I can look down on. And for doing the engraving so that it can be passed down for generations to come with a story set in stone.

- CP