The M. Hisae studio is constantly evolving to support sustainable, Earth-forward practices. At its core is a made-to-order production style and low-waste studio practice. My soldering station, polishing machine, and bench are equipped with proper ventilation and dust collection. I use a non-toxic liquid tumbling solution, fluoride- and chloride-free soldering flux, citric acid pickle, and biodegradable ultrasonic cleaners. By incorporating these earth-friendly practices into my studio, my process, though sometimes slower, is undoubtedly healthier and more environmentally supportive.


It is a core principle of my work that diamonds and colored gemstones are guaranteed responsibly-sourced. This means consciously choosing and developing relationships with sourcing partners whose values align with my own. In this exists a value chain of trust. This also means asking the right questions, every time. Our industry is slow-moving, but there is a strong and swift undercurrent of ethically-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to challenging the status quo and providing alternate sourcing methods to the clouded supply chain that currently exists. I am dedicated to these efforts. As a result, I have a smaller pool of resources, but it is worth it to me to relay in good faith that my designs are of the highest quality, both environmentally and structurally.


Post-Consumer and Antique |  Stones retrieved from previously-owned, period, and estate jewelry, purchased and resold at auction or from personal collections. Antique is considered 100 years old or more.

Recycled  |  Stones cut from material that would otherwise be discarded.

Though ethically-sourced diamonds are available with greater transparency than ever before, I have chosen to use only Certified Post-Consumer, Antique, and Recycled Diamonds in my designs. This is an intricate stance that I have thought a great deal about. While industry-changing opportunities exist in supporting newly-mined material, it is my personal belief that recycling is the more environmentally and socially beneficial choice. Though the recycled diamonds I use are sourced under ethical business contracts and purchased from vetted sources that I trust, it is true that the vast majority of recycled diamonds cannot be traced to their location origins or be determined conflict-free with total certainty. However, as sustainability is defined, I choose to avoid further depletion of natural resources via the diamond industry's mining, transportation, and cutting facilities. This feels like the most sensible path, given the substantive pool of diamonds already in circulation. I feel the most pride knowing that my products are consciously avoiding waste and pollution.


There is a rich supply of beautiful gemstones on our planet, and I believe in the power of giving each stone life and showcasing its transformative ways. I only design with colored stones that have origin certainty, as location adds to its story and identity. I have strong relationships with and trust in my vendors who source directly from miners all around the globe. All colored stones are meticulously inspected for quality and character. Origins are freely provided within each product listing, in support of transparency and empowered buying.


Castings are produced in New York City by an experienced casting house dedicated to reducing environmental impact through the use of refined, 100% recycled metals. I am currently working to transition chains and findings over to recycled metals as well.