M. Hisae is jewelry as ancestral language.

M. Hisae is a portfolio of fine jewelry evoking unspoken languages, nuance, balance, and the inherent wisdom in metal, gemstones, and ancient craft.

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The Queen of them all: Lila Suprima. A diamond-encrusted version of the original Lila Ring, featuring approximately 0.7 carats worth of sultry greys in this hyper-modern piece.

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Risa is luxurious weightiness with a pool of color at is peak. Its sloping lines are in-tune with your softer side, and its flat sides pair well with other pieces you consider a part of you. Risa is fun and warm and wants to get to know you. This is the petite version of our classic Risa Ring.

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Unearthing: The Ring

Gain insight around and build your foundation in the many facets of designing a ring. A guide for all levels and occasions.

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Your Forever Love

Commitment & Wedding

Commitment pieces that are artful, lively, and founded in love.

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Discover: Montana Sapphires

Discover: Montana Sapphires

The beauty of Montana Sapphires: I can't get closer to #knowyoursource than this, unless I mined them myself. Most of the sapphires I source hail...

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Process: The Figure Ring

Process: The Figure Ring

Let's dive in - how does each Figure Ring come to be? It begins as a wax. I carved my master from a block of blue wax using files and old dental t...

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