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Wisdom Is Beauty

Wisdom Is Beauty

So, that’s how I found my sense of purpose - in a state of joy, in allowing my desire to run free because I believed I was worthy of it. My sense...

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"I love creating these little worlds of joy and beauty to accompany you throughout your days. I know that these pieces carry stories and meaning and sentiment. I know that in any moment, you can look down at a ring on your finger and feel just enough to lift you up and change your state of mind for better. I've come to see with my own eyes, and through conversations with you, that jewelry has the power to transform."

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There’s serious power in 3s. Needs, wants, desires. You, your partner, the union. The challenge: how to dream up three distinct pieces, with their own voices, that can live up to the power that is you...There’s deep psychology in jewelry buying and wearing. This is M. Hisae's purpose: To help you find reverence and love for self in these small treasures.

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Close to your heart in more ways than one

The Kiyo Necklace

The Kiyo speaks to the physical and symbolic meanings of Japanese torii gates, which represent a transition from the mundane from the sacred. A torii marks the entrance to a sacred space - in necklace form, your heart center and the gem it cradles.

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New to the collection

The Lilia Hoops

A round wire hoop is intertwined with an elegant bud, reminiscent of a tulip. The hoop hangs freely, swaying with you. The name Lilia is derived from the tulip being a part of the larger lily family, Liliaceae. Your body is a garden, full of beauty.

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From classic to unorthodox, we created a range of wedding band styles to suit the many different architectures of engagement rings.

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