Discover: Montana Sapphires

Violet Grey Sapphire Oval Kaori Ring

The beauty of Montana Sapphires: I can't get closer to #knowyoursource than this, unless I mined them myself. Most of the sapphires I source hail from a Missouri River bank mine owned and operated by a husband and wife duo. To be able to shake the hands of those who dug these gems up & out of the ground is what I strive for. Truly, the gratitude I have for this reality is poured into these pieces.

Montana Sapphires, Missouri River Bank

Sapphires have been actively mined in Montana for over 100 years. Montana is the only U.S. state with any significant production of gem-quality sapphires. More on mining in another post...

Montana Sapphires are found in a variety of shades, including pink, peach, green, blue, teal, yellow, purple, and silver. More abundant, and more identifiably-Montana, are the pale green, teal, and denim blues. This very special 14k White Gold Oval Kaori Ring, above, features a grey-violet Sapphire center with two dark Grey Diamonds on either side. For you who enjoys a cooler palette. Explore all Montana Sapphire styles here.