Michelle's favorite in the collection: The Ageku Band ◻️⚪️

Michelle's favorite in the collection: The Ageku Band ◻️⚪️

Ageku Band by M. Hisae Jewelry


Two shapes. Sometimes it is that simple. Love. Sometimes it is that simple, to choose love, to choose to love another. The Ageku Band is one of my oldest and dearest designs. I wear mine everyday, on my right hand ring finger. It’s been a symbol of commitment to myself for years.

The Ageku is made out of two pieces of gold. One piece is square wire, the other is round wire. The two pieces are soldered at the two joints and hammered out with a rawhide to form a circle. I then carefully sand the edges on the square section at the junctions so that it blends and flows into the round. The two become one. A beautiful genesis of movement, a continuous circle out of static, geometric forms. We're embracing and flowing seamlessly through whatever life presents us. Every turn is a right turn.

It’s my favorite piece in the collection to suggest as a wedding band for those who want something classic and demure. It is two separate hearts joining together while remaining strongly independent souls. From far away, it feels like a simple gold band you might inherit from a grandparent, but upon closer look, it’s a powerful symbol of creating tradition and new definitions of relationship.

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