Process: The Figure Ring

Figure Ring by M. Hisae

Let's dive in - how does each Figure Ring come to be? It begins as a wax. I carved my initial model from a block of castable  wax using files and sandpaper. I then have that wax cast into sterling silver (it could be in any metal but I prefer all my models to be sterling). The casting gets polished up to my desired end finish. Then, I make a silicon mold of that sterling model, which will provide 5+ years of use. I use that mold to cast pieces in your desired metal when you place an order.

figure ring casting in sterling silver

This is a casting, tumbled for a few hours at high speed. The tumbling process removes any casting skin or residue and work hardens the metal. This will make it less susceptible to scratches, dents, and damage throughout its years of wear.

There are two sprues on this Figure Ring casting. A smaller piece might only have one, and larger pieces (like a cuff bracelet) might have 3, 4, or 5. Sprues indicate where wax was poured into the mold as well as where the piece was attached to a larger casting tree.

figure rings by m. hisae

The final steps:

  • Saw or clip the sprues off
  • File them down to match the surface of the ring
  • Give the entire ring a few rounds/grits of sandpaper polishing, from coarse to fine
  • Stamp my "MH" makers mark and a carat stamp (14K, 18K, etc,) onto the inside of the band
  • Sand with even finer sandpaper and refine shape and intricate details
  • Buff it with a couple rounds of polishing compounds with the polishing machine
  • Toss into the ultrasonic (a vibrating soap bath) to shake off any excess polishing compound
  • Deep clean with hot steam from the steamer
  • Pack and send off to you!

figure rings by m. hisae

What a journey. Thanks so much for following along. It's such a fun process seeing a piece go from an idea to a finished piece. Have any questions about the process? Email me Loving this ring? Purchase a Figure Ring of your own here.