Process: The Figure Ring

Figure Ring by M. Hisae

Let's dive in - how does each Figure Ring come to be? It begins as a wax. I carved my master from a block of blue wax using files and old dental tools (a trick most jewelers have on hand). I made a mold from that original model, so that I can cast pieces in your desired metal. The mold is made out of silicon and will last 5 years or more.

figure ring casting in sterling silver

This is a casting, tumbled for a few hours at high speed. The tumbling process removes any casting skin or residue and work hardens the metal, i.e. t makes the metal less soft and less susceptible to scratches, dents, and damage. There are two sprues on this Figure Ring casting. A smaller piece might only have one, and larger pieces (like a cuff bracelet) might have 3, 4, or 5. Sprues indicate where wax was poured into the mold as well as where the piece was attached to a larger casting tree.

figure rings by m. hisae

The final steps:
- Saw or clip the sprues off
- Sand them down to match the surface of the ring
- Give it a few rounds/grits of sandpaper polishing, from coarse to fine
- Stamp my makers mark and a carat stamp (925, 14K, etc,) onto the inside of the band
- Sand with even finer sandpaper and refine shape and intricate details
- A couple rounds of polishing compounds with the polishing machine
- Toss into the ultrasonic (a vibrating soap bath) to shake off any excess polishing compound
- Deep clean with hot steam from the steamer
- Pack and send off to you!

figure rings by m. hisae

What a journey. Purchase a Figure of your own here.